Ronnie O’Sullivan confirms who he thinks is the most gifted of all time

Ronnie O’Sullivan claims Mark Williams is the ‘most gifted’ snooker player of all time.

The long-term rivals are going head to head on Sunday in the final of the Tour Championship and the Rocket has paid his opponent the ultimate compliment.

O’Sullivan and Williams are two of the three players who make up the famous Class of ’92 alongside John Higgins.

The pair have met on numerous occasions throughout their illustrious careers but Sunday’s encounter is their first ranking final against each other in 24 years.

O’Sullivan is often regarded as the most talented and skillful snooker player there has ever been.

He also has the record to back it up, winning more UK Championships and Masters than any other player, as well as sharing the record for most World Championship wins.

But O’Sullivan instead believes three-time world champion Williams has the edge when it comes to pure ability.

He told ITV: “For me, Mark’s been the most consistent player over the last five years, since he started working with SightRight in 2019.

“His game’s changed, you just know he isn’t going to have a bad day. I haven’t seen him have a bad day for five years.

“I know he’s lost matches, we all do, but his level of consistency and the way he’s hitting the ball is better than anybody hitting the ball.

“[Neil] Robertson hits it unbelievable but Williams is hitting it like… the noise it makes when it comes off the tip.

“It’s clean, clean striking and for me, and I know people say I’m the most, I think he’s the most gifted snooker player I’ve ever seen.

“He’s brave, his knowledge around the table, some of the shots he plays. He is for me up there with Jimmy White maybe.

“I think Williams is as talented as anybody that’s ever played this game without a doubt.”

Williams recently opened up on his love for playing pool and O’Sullivan says that only showcases his talent.

He added: “He was out playing pool in China and came back the night before, playing with heavy balls for about a week.

“You go and try and play pool with heavy balls and a pool cue for a week and then try and come back and play with snooker balls. You shouldn’t be allowed.

“But that’s what I’m saying, there’s so much talent that he can adapt.”

Williams was excited to play O’Sullivan and insisted his opponent is the best there has been.

The Welshman said: “The dream final for me. Tour Championship, ITV event, packed crowd, best player ever to pick the cue up.

“He wins every tournament he plays in it seems, even this year. Absolutely looking forward to it, going to enjoy it and do my best.”

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